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Frequently Asked Question

Why the name D7?

The history of D7 software answers the question.

History of D7 software        


 Contents  OS  Programming language  Date  Version
 Design of steel and concrete members , Survey calculations.  DOS  Fortran  1987  D1
 Major change in user's interface and bug fixing.  DOS  Fortran  1987  D2
 Analysis of beams has been added.  DOS  Pascal  1988  D3
 Some graphics have been added.  DOS  GW-Basic  1988  D4
 More graphics and pull down menus.  DOS  Quick basic  1989  D5
 Re-development of the program with some additional concrete design items.  DOS  Turbo c  1990  D6
 Built in installer has been added.  DOS  Turbo c  1990  D7
Note: The name D7 has been fixed and became the official name of the software .
 More enhancements in graphics and pull down menus.  DOS  Microsoft c  1991  D7 v1.0-v3.0
 The necessary changes to meet the Windows compatibility requirements.  WINDOWS 3.1  Borland c++  1993  D7 v4.0-v6.0
 Export highway profiles to AutoCAD v 12.  Windows 95  Borland c++  1996  D7 v7.0
 In addition to this version , a limited Demo version has been distributed.  Windows 98  Borland c++  1999  D7 v8.0
 The software rewritten from scratch to be a commercial and professional software.   WINDOWS XP  Microsoft Visual C++  2005  D7E v0.5
 The current version , this website can give u a detailed information about it.  WIN XP-VISTA  Microsoft Visual C++  2008  D7E V1.0
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