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Frequently Asked Question

Why D7 does not remember any rebar diameters changes done from the configuration dialog?

Every time D7 runs ,It loads and executes the script autoexec.d7s , We have included some commands to replace the default standard ASTM rebar diameters 10,13,16 ,,,,  by the common rebar diameters 10,12,14,,, .

To make D7 remember your rebar changes , You have to disable these commands, to do so follow steps 1 to 6

1- Search for the file autoexec.d7s

2- Open its containing folder.

3- Make a backup copy of autoexec.d7s (e.g.. autoexec.d7s.bak) 

4- Open the file autoexec.d7s by windows notepad.

5- Remove all lines except 1st line. (please remember not to delete 1st line)

 6- Save the file and close it.

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